The Cash Discount Program is implemented by posting simple signage stating that all posted prices are cash prices. Platinum Dealer Solutions will automate your hardware so that the 4% non-cash adjustment is consequently added for those customers utilizing any other method of payment other than cash (basically credit cards).

Also, you are forbidden by Visa, Mastercard, and the Processor’s rules to benefit on a credit card transaction, which could happen in the event that you accidentally charged more than you were being charged by the processor. By using the Cash Discount Program, we establish appropriate pricing for you to guarantee you remain within every guideline.

Steps to Start

  1. We will send you a secure online application to complete. Once the application is completed you will receive your equipment in less than one week. Contact us now for step one. 
  2. Installation is fast and simple. Our machines come with multiple connection options with WIFI being the most popular. We provide you with the required signage to inform customers that listed prices are cash prices. The equipment we supply at no charge to you comes programmed and ready to use. You can begin saving 100% of your merchant fees in less than one week!