We have researched How Customers React with multiple merchants and have found this to be an unwarranted fear. In all cases, the credit card volume has remained consistent or even increased month over month, with reports from merchants that their customers disregard the convenience fee in 99.2% of transactions.

Unlike surcharge programs, cash discount programs are seen in a better light and fare better with end consumers. If necessary, you reserve the right to waive the fees.

  • The percentage added to each transaction has minimal impact on the individual customer. The savings for you, the business owner, are quite significant.
  • The cash discount program is being implemented in thousands of businesses across the country. It is an ever-expanding practice as business owners seek to maximize revenue and reduce expenses. The customer is already accustomed to such surcharges since state and federal programs have allowed it for decades. Whether it is a driver’s license renewal, college tuition payment, or any other state or federal payment made by credit card, a fee is charged to cover the merchant processing.
  • Since the customer is already accustomed to seeing these fees, it is viewed as nothing more than a small price to pay for the convenience of using a credit card.
  • Most customers actually want to use their credit cards rather than cash to maximize the particular rewards program associated with the customer’s card. This is particularly true with large purchases such as cars, trucks, or even expensive cosmetic procedures or vacations.